What is a Record?

From 1994 Federation meeting held on July 16, 1994 –

The FINAL vote from the State Records committee was as follows:

Alternative #3 – with a final Vote of 14

Establish state records at the state championship tournament or any class “L/R” tournament.

Retroactive – Vote 15- yes 5- no

Retroactivity includes state tournament and “R” tournaments, before the start of “R” tournament only Regionals and Nationals can be counted to prove records, skiers need a skier performance book, official score book, or AWSA (now USA Waterski) publication as proof of record.

Retroactivity must be in by December 15, 1994 or the record will not be accepted.

Bill made the motion to have 2 sets of records. This motion passed.

Current Note (December 22, 1999):

I have received old state tournament score books that date back to 1996. I have updated all tournament records from the score books I have obtained 1996-1999. If I have missed anything please inform me so I may research and correct any discrepancies.

Jennifer Wood